We are the change. We are the movement. We are freedom. We are the ones who have come to break the chains of oppression Americans have been tied in by big pharma companies to whom the bottom line comes first, and that's all. We are here to emancipate the people from poisons that we have been fed with for years by these wolves. 


Founded on core family values, guerilla greenhouse was formed with the family at the forefront of everything. Just as it hurts you to see your family member suffer physical and mental pain that years and years of taking prescription drugs have failed to solve, so also does it hurt to the core seeing our people being ripped off of their hard-earned currency. So, we said no. We took a stand and went to work, developing an effective and alternative option that promotes healthy living for all.


We are in the 21st century, and people are still falling for the scam know as prescription pills and medication. These are nothing but constructs made to keep people in a nigh unbreakable addiction loop. It has been proven times without number that these big pharmaceutical companies have no one's interests at heart but their pockets.


They sell drugs that get people hooked and make them pay through their teeth for things that are killing them. In short, you are paying for your own death. That is why we at guerilla greenhouse have come to emancipate and fight for the health and general wellbeing of the people by providing an alternative place for you to shop CBD products for treatments.


Our goal more than anything else is to save. Guerilla greenhouse was created to fight the battles that the common man cannot. Our top of the line CBD products is the ammunition. They include our CDB oils, CBD gummies, and other CBD based products, each carefully and thoroughly prepared with the highest manufacturing standards. We are creating dents in the armor of run-of-the-mill CDB oils resellers and big pharma by offering not only superior CBD oils and products but at the most favorable market prices, thereby returning the power to the people. Healthy lifestyles make healthy people. Healthy people make a healthy nation. And a healthy nation destroys totally the plans of shady organizations who profit off keeping people sick.


We Do this for you!

We Do this for the people!

Because we are all Family!



Have you ever tried hemp oils from other companies? Have you got the results up to your expectations? Let be honest, Hemp or CBD oils cannot cure any disease instead of this it gives you soothing and reliving effect. It is necessary to dig deep into the information of any medication before using it. And at our company, we will provide you all the necessary information related to every product. In this way, our clients can always count on purchasing high quality.


Reasons to Choose Guerrilla Greenhouse

  • Purity & Consistency

All hemp oil products are manufactured with the same consistency and upgraded extraction process that brings purity in every single drop.

  • Increase Water Absorption

As compared to standard tincture oils, Gorilla soft gels come up with efficient water absorption quality which is necessary for oil products.

According to an analysis, most of the CBD product that sold online are mislabeled and contain impurities. But with Guerilla Greenhouse, we guaranteed you that you will enjoy THC-Free hemp plant extract oils.

  • Wide Spectrum

Our partner pharmaceutical industries manufacture products that contain the perfect percentage of cannabinoids and terpenes. This combination in organic CBD oil brings a synergistic impact on the functionality of the body and increases your strength level.

Within large businesses and CBD manufacturing companies, their user experience suffers. But at Guerilla Greenhouse we ensure you that you will get the prompt response to your queries with first-class customer care services.

  • Bring Authentic Results

Don’t be afraid to use our hemp extract CBD products. We stand behind all our products and guarantee that you will get authentic results real quick.



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